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Both are signs that need lots of space, while one tends to be the hermit Virgo , and the other needs space to mingle Sagittarius. The witty repartee here is a fun start. Both like to check out what's new culturally, out there, and also to be seen. But Libra wants her lover's undivided attention, and that's when things get tricky.

She also wants to be admired and will react to how she's treated. Poor Libra might take Sagittarius' flirtations with others very hard, as a judgment on their own worth, attractiveness, etc.

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The Libra lover is a serial monogamist at heart. And they seek steady partners to share everything with. Meanwhile, Sagittarius finds what he needs socially in many different people.

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If Libra catches the Archer when he's ready to settle down, that's a different story. One is an open book, the other Scorpio is secretive. Both know things and enjoy sharing intel, to impress the other. You could see Sagittarius as a Scorpio without the filter. They both admire straight-forward honesty and gain marks there. The Scorpio lover is an all or nothing kind of guy or gal. That's a big contrast to Sagittarius who spreads the sunshine around. However, a Sagittarius that's ready to commit is loyal, and don't forget, there's the rest of the chart to consider. With this shared Venus sign, you have similar instincts in love and friendship.

You like to start out as friends, simply hanging out, and seeing how it goes. You relax, knowing you've got plenty of freedom, and paradoxically, that can warm you up to something ongoing.

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You both love to travel and might be one of those couples that make a living doing it. You might get into competitive sports together, cheering each other on. You're also both eternal students and seekers, for great philosophical debates. And of course, you're both star athletes in the boudoir. From the get-go, we have a red flag. The Capricorn lover wants stability and someone who is a rising star in their field.

Of all the Venus signs, they're more likely to ask, what do you do for a living?

Sun enters Scorpio

The Capricorn attraction in love is to those who are mature, responsible and in some cases, come from the 'right' family. With Sagittarius, you've got a free-spirit who is attracted to other free spirits. These Venus signs have something the other needs, and that could instinctively bring them together.

Both like to think about the larger world, and could find common ground in a shared purpose. This could be one of those on again, off again friendships or more. Both signs are unconventional in love, and also make sudden changes. It's all about timing, whether it's lasting. If both have sown their wild oats, that ups the odds. Sagittarius and Aquarius are future-oriented, always leaning into the horizon. They're also big on ethics, and being open about intentions.

Things only go wrong if mixed messages are sent, or if one is hiding a big secret which is possible. Chances are, the relationship will unfold within a wider group of friends, with these very social signs. The Pisces lover wants to meet in a sheltered atmosphere, while Sagittarius is a free-range lover. Pisces feels pulled in too many directions and is overwhelmed.

And yet, both are playful and share a ruler in Jupiter, the planet of serendipity. This match also runs into the problem of sensitivity, since Pisces is a sign of big feelings, to the point of absorbing others energies. Pisces needs a lot of retreats, just to maintain sanity.

Both are visionary signs, and much will depend on the current picture they see. Sagittarius are the stars of the Zodiac. No one would ever call these peeps slackers! But in terms of zodiac compatibility, it's more than just checking someone's horoscope. Instead, using astrology as a guide is a great way to determine Sagittarius compatibility and if you have a chance with this fire sign. In order to know who is the most compatible, you need to know some things about the Sagittarius personality.

Sagittarians have a very active social life, especially since they like people and people like them. Sagittarius and Aries get along like a house on fire! They're both impulsive, adventuresome, and love new challenges. Both Sagittarius and Aries want to experience things for themselves, not just read about them and imagine what they'd be like. They both love to have fun, are active, and the two of them together have incredible sexual chemistry.

Luckily, neither sign is overly sensitive because both have moments where they feel compelled to tell it like it is, even when their truth is harsh.

Both signs are genuinely optimistic and excited about what each day will bring. The downside to this pairing is how accident-prone the two of them are together — with Aries rushing around and Sagittarius paying attention to everything except what's right in front of them. Luckily, they have the same kind of positive energy about them and a ton of things in common, so their relationship has the potential to be incredible.

There's no middle ground with Sagittarius and Taurus — they're either intensely attracted to each other, or have no attraction whatsoever. This dichotomy is due to the fact that they couldn't be more different. Sagittarius loves action, adventure, and trying new things while Taurus prefers the comfort and safety of home.

Both of them tend to come at life from two different directions so that even when they meet in the middle, there's conflict and tension. Sagittarius may not take Taurus' sensitivity seriously and say things to Taurus that make them feel attacked. Taurus won't understand why Sagittarius can sit down and relax for a minute, and Sagittarius won't get why feelings of peace and harmony are so vital to Taurus. It would take Taurus a long time to trust Sagittarius, and by then, Sagittarius would be bored and long gone.

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You'd think these two would get along better than they actually do. They're both very social and good at conversation but somehow they don't seem to be talking on the same level. Maybe they feel competitive with each other as both are used to being the "fun one.

Neither sign is the most practical, reliable, or steady which can lead to some definite problems in a relationship. They make much better friends than lovers. Zodiac compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer is tricky, and it's difficult to find common ground. Sagittarians can be blunt and impatient, and those qualities don't go well with Cancer's sensitivity and need for emotional support. Sagittarius may not even know the first thing about how to handle one of Cancer's more emotional moments and may just prefer not to be involved with any drama.

This would not go over well with Cancer, who expects the same level of caring that they give to their partners. As long as Leo isn't too controlling, Sagittarius and Leo are quite compatible, but if Leo starts to feel that Sagittarius isn't giving them enough attention, there could be problems. Both signs are dynamic, social, and adventurous.

They have matching views on how fun and entertaining both love and life can be, and that sense of delight can sometimes be enough for them to enjoy spending time together. Sagittarius and Leo are extremely compatible in the bedroom as they have the same sexual appetites.